Research overview

Recommend items to each person
One-to-one Marketing (Recommender Systems)

1-1marketingImgSA marketing strategy of mainstream was mass marketing in the past, which considers how to make average consumers buy a target item. However, we can obtain consumer’s log on purchase history or browsing history of items and contents in shopping sites due to the spread of the Internet and the Web. Thus, one-to-one marketing, in another word ‘recommender systems’, obtain people’s attentions these years. One-to-one marketing recommends a tailored list of items to each user.

Our laboratory has been studying whether or not the user’s intervention to the recommendation process improves the user’s satisfaction to the recommendation result. For example, we examine whether or not users tend to be satisfied with the recommendation results if we let users input their feeling or current context in addition to the item ratings. We need to realize more intuitive recommendation considering users’ psychological features.

Understand people’s activities
Social Media Analysis

Along with the spread of smart phones and the popularization of social media, not only the cyber space activities but also the real-world activities of people are being recorded on computer. In the traditional social science, researchers have analyzed the small size of data on people’s activities by conducting a paper-based questionnaire survey on small number of people. However, currently, we can conduct a large-scale analysis on people’s activity logs on social media for clarifying the peoples’ behavioral pattern and psychological features.

Our laboratory have tried to clarify people’s behaviors and minds like whether people are becoming to feel envy due to social media use, how much users expose their privacy information on social media, what kind of users use social media for long time. These findings can be used when designing a new Web service or a new smart phone application.

Create future communication environment
Communication Design

CommDesignSWith the spread of ICT, communication environment in the real-world, especially office is changing drastically. Companies are abolishing morning meeting in the morning and introducing light communication tools like social media for business communication. People will be able to work according to personal living and home environments. Furthermore, some companies abondan vertical organization structure and introduce tools in which workers can evaluate other worker’s performance each other.

Our laboratory targets this kind of new communication environments and evaluation tools in the real-world. We are studying how people behave in these environment, what kind of psychological features drive people to a specific action, what we should do for maximizing business performance as the whole company.