Class List


For K.G. (Kwansei Gakuin University)

Statistics (BA 1st grade)

Learn to summarize and visualize data that occurs daily in business (descriptive statistics) and statistically estimate the characteristic values (population) of a group (inference statistics). → [More]

Basic Seminar -Case Study on Social Media Service- (BA 1st grade)

We will focus on social media that attracts attention as a new channel of marketing in recent years, discuss impacts in society, analyze actual social media services and case examples of marketing campaigns using them. → [More]

Data Science I (BA 2nd-3rd grade)

We will learn data science which attract attention in the field of commerce. We conduct basic mathematical calculation and descriptive statistics using R which is a programming language for statistical analysis. The name of the class at the K.G. is “Information Processing Theory I”. → [More]

Communication Network (BA 3rd-4th grade)

We will learn communication network where e-commerce systems are implemented. We will learn the basics of the information and communication network, the Internet security, information theory and data encoding. The name of the class at the K.G. is “Information Security”. → [More]

For other universities

Information and Computer Exercises (Bachelor First Year)

We learn the basics of C language by exercises.
Grammar of program, data type, calculation, flow of program, array, function, string, and so on.

Fundamentals in Computer Science (Bachelor Second Year)

We learn basic algorithms and data structure.
Software design method, pointer, structure, calculation complexity, basic data structure, search, sort, string search, encoding, and so on.

Media Technology (Bachelor First Year)

We learn the basics of the Internet protocol.
DNS / HTTP / RIP / TCP / UDP / IP / ARP / MAC / Ethernet
HTML / DynamicHTML

Data Mining in Computer and Systems Seminar (Bachelor Second Year)

We learn the basic of data mining (machine learning) in a small group seminar style.
Basics of database, basics of data mining, association rule, memory-based reasoning, clustering

Database Systems (Master)

We learn the basics architecture of database systems.
Database structure, database language, ER-model, file organization, B-tree, database management system, relational database (relational algebra, normalization)