Thesis List

Thesis list

Bachelor thesis

2021 (3rd Generation)

  • A Study on Motivations and Personality of Supporters in Donation-type Crowdfunding
    Manami Nakayasu, Aika Matsukawa and Mika Ogata
  • A Cross-Channel Comparison of Twitter Users’ Self-presentation of Age
    Chiaki Tanaka and Ria Shobo
  • Development of a Tool for Detecting Fake Prize-giving Accounts on Twitter
    Jotaro Inukai
  • A Study on the Difference in Impression Formation between the Defamation on Celebrities and the Ordinary Posts in Twitter
    Yusuke Tamemoto
  • A Study on the Influence of Social Media Interactions on the Quality of Customer-Brand Relationships
    Akane Furokawa, Iori Tsuchitani and Mizuki Kanazume
  • The Relationship between Facial Features and Like! Acquisition on Instagram
    Kayako Morimoto
  • A Multinational Comparison of Language Expressions and Emotions in Soccer Fans’ Tweets
    Jotaro Inada
  • Developing Performer Support Tool using Image Recognition and Speech Synthesis and its Evaluation on Performers’ Behavior Changes
    Yuki Minamitani
  • A Study on Persuasiveness in Product Introduction Videos with People and Avatars
    Minami Murashita and Ao Hori
  • Effects of Agent Representation on Advertising Effectiveness and Eye Movements in Product Introduction Videos
    Chisa Kondo

2020 (2nd Generation)

  • Expressed personality and measured personality in Twitter – Comparing real account and sub account –
    Saori Tsuchida
  • Qualitative study on Instagrammer’s motivation and behavior
    Munehisa Okada, Asahi Kato and Momoka Harada
  • Behavior analysis of Anthropomorphic Corporate Account in Twitter
    Sakura Katayama
  • Relationship between the first impression and SNS activities in beauty contest
    Ayaka Kimura, Tomoka Yoshimi and Mari Kanazawa
  • Topic features causing archive post in Instagram
    Yuki Nakamoto and Keita Higa
  • Content type causing people’s envy in Instagram
    Saya Oishi
  • Influence of Presenter on User’s Item Acceptance in Recommender Systems
    Rikako Matsushima

2019 (First Generation)

  • Feature analysis of marketing campaigns in Web and social media
    Aiko Dannoue, Nanami Matsubara and Ryuta Ueda
  • Relationship between inspection feedback and task performance in crowd sourcing services
    Hikari Ishizaki and Miku Chihara
  • Influence to the user’s purchase behavior and life style from Instagrammer
    Yurina Miyahara
  • Mention analysis to celebrities in Twitter using LDA
    Sota Arisaka and Ryota Ikebe
  • Analysis of users who keep playing smart phone games – Comparison between Pokemon GO and Monster Strike
    Yuma Ikemoto and Togo Inamoto
  • Relationship between image feature and Like! acquisition in Instagram
    Mizuho Naruse
  • Basic analysis of nursing records on hospital-nursing homes collaboration
    Seiya Uesaka
  • Selection behavior of beauty salon considering hair interest
    Mizuki Muranaka and Momoka Kumada