Thesis List

Thesis list

Bachelor thesis


  • Feature analysis of marketing campaigns in Web and social media
    Aiko Dannoue, Nanami Matsubara and Ryuta Ueda
  • Relationship between inspection feedback and task performance in crowd sourcing services
    Hikari Ishizaki and Miku Chihara
  • Influence to the user’s purchase behavior and life style from Instagrammer
    Yurina Miyahara
  • Mention analysis to celebrities in Twitter using LDA
    Sota Arisaka and Ryota Ikebe
  • Analysis of users who keep playing smart phone games – Comparison between Pokemon GO and Monster Strike
    Yuma Ikemoto and Togo Inamoto
  • Relationship between image feature and Like! acquisition in Instagram
    Mizuho Naruse
  • Basic analysis of nursing records on hospital-nursing homes collaboration
    Seiya Uesaka
  • Selection behavior of beauty salon considering hair interest
    Mizuki Muranaka and Momoka Kumada